About us


Give everyone with few to average savings the same possibilities as the richer

We are in a unique era where the bank interest has hit an all time low. People are desperately looking for alternatives to their old fashioned bank savings account because they are realizing that it is actually costing them money, due to inflation.

Those with plenty of savings have access to alternative ways of making their savings work for them; investing in shares, or what’s generally considered safer: real estate.

vesTTree was founded, based on the need of giving access to this safe alternative to EVERYONE. With unique conditions:

  • everyone can join, no matter how few savings you have
  • a decent interest rate
  • but above all: withdraw your money whenever you need

Join us to make the world a little bit more equal!



Internally and externally. We believe that in giving trust to each other, this trust will be transferred to the outside world. We’re driven by transparency and the drive to help each other. For this, we believe that trust is the basis.

One team

We’re in this together, no exceptions. Our doors are open, always. Help us make this oh so important change in the world and help us improve every day. We will do the same for you.


We’re an informal company where suits are rarely worn. But at the same time, we are extremely professional. We believe in building a strong, long lasting and informal relationship with our customers and each other. Yes, it is definitely possible to be informal and professional at the same time!